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Racehorse Ownership Options

Join Our Exciting New Syndicate 

If You Already Have Your Own Horse

If you have your own horse already please get in touch and let's have a chat about how we can work together to get the best results for you.

Buy A Horse As A Sole Owner

I'm always on the lookout for horses with potential and attend all of the horse sales. Delighted to discuss options with you and tailor the experience to what you want to achieve overall. You can buy a horse for anything from €500 to €5,000,000 or more! Spending a lot of money is no guarantee of success. My approach is based on a combination of factors including the horse's pedigree, conformation, range of movement and temperament. We have a very strong record of buying quality horses at bargain prices. You can see examples of that on the news item about our new syndicate in the news section.

Lease Rather Than Buy

For those who don't want to incur the upfront cost of buying a horse, leasing can be a good option. You pay the costs of training the horse and in return keep any prizemoney earned during the period of your lease.

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