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The Team

Darren Bunyan - Trainer

I’ve been working in the horse racing industry for more than 30 years. In the early days I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from my Dad (Arthur) who had been in horse racing for more than 60 years before he passed away. He was the most amazing horseman and taught me so many things that people simply can’t learn elsewhere.


I’ve also been very lucky to work for extended periods with some of the world’s leading racehorse trainers including Dermot Weld, John Oxx and Jonjo O’Neill. It was also interesting to gain a different perspective on things during a spell pre-training horses in Japan. In later years I was assistant to Ken Condon from the initial setup of his stable to the point where it became firmly established and successful. There have been so many great horses along the way and so many valuable lessons. I’ve also been particularly pleased to have a number of significant successes buying horses for relatively small money which became highly profitable and successful.


It has always been my intention to establish my own stable. I’m very ambitious in terms of what I want to achieve but am realistic that it’s about continuously taking steps in the right direction. I’m very happy that I now have top class facilities with which to move forward and an excellent team who share my vision and determination to succeed.


I believe in transparency and getting the owners involved so they get so much more from the overall experience. I’m very excited about the future and very much welcome queries from people who might like to join on us on this wonderful journey.

It's A Massive Team Effort and We've Got Quality Players in All Positions

I couldnt be happier with the quality of the team we have brought together. It's taken time to find the right people but has been well worth the wait.

Our overall team of riders is of an excellent standard. Brilliant riders who ensure our horses learn how to do things properly from an early age.


The yard staff team is also the best I've seen in any stable yard. Their attention to detail and determination to do things properly sets them apart. 


In addition, we are lucky to have one of the country's most experienced vets and one of the best farriers on hand every day. 


Visitors to the stables regularly comment on how amazing the horses look, how happy and content they are, and the quality of their living conditions. It doesnt happen by accident and the team continuously strives for even higher standards.

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